Redefining Single Jewish Women


Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen this coming.  We’ve been saying it for years.

The Jewish Daily Forward‘s Rachel Rosenthal is now saying it clearly and concisely:

Women who are powerful and successful at work have the ability to bring their tools to their Jewish communities as well. They can be our communal powerhouses, bringing their skills of negotiation, relationship building, fundraising and marketing to our synagogues, community centers and non-profits, both as professionals and as lay leaders. However, if they are going to want to invest in us, we need to change our vision to make space for them. Rather than counting success through marriages and babies, we must expand our definitions to include promotions, career transitions, and the building of families by choice. If we can shift our mindset away from women’s ring fingers and uteruses and towards their hearts and minds — my goodness, what we might be able to create.

Read more:

It might be time to re-visit that 2013 Pew Survey.



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