Come Study Torah With Us!

L'Chaim v'Yayin Torah Study Group

L’Chaim v’Yayin Torah Study Group

That’s right!  L’Chaim v’Yayin is issuing a 5776 Parsha Challenge!

Do you always start the New Year with the intention to study Torah every week?  Do you typically lose interest by the time you get to Numbers?  (Yup, we’ve been there, but we made it through.)

Well, we at L’Chaim v’Yayin are here to help:

We’re challenging our members to form Parsha study groups.  These groups can be according to neighborhood, knowledge, ease of schedule, in-person or online or via conference call — you name it, you can do it (literally).  Keep each other motivated, learn a little Torah, and enjoy a nosh.  What’s not to love?

Just like last year, we are forming a group on the Hill that will begin meeting this Sunday, October 4th at 10:00am.

Email if you want to know how to start your own group or join the group on the Hill.


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