Redefining Single Jewish Women


Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen this coming.  We’ve been saying it for years.

The Jewish Daily Forward‘s Rachel Rosenthal is now saying it clearly and concisely:

Women who are powerful and successful at work have the ability to bring their tools to their Jewish communities as well. They can be our communal powerhouses, bringing their skills of negotiation, relationship building, fundraising and marketing to our synagogues, community centers and non-profits, both as professionals and as lay leaders. However, if they are going to want to invest in us, we need to change our vision to make space for them. Rather than counting success through marriages and babies, we must expand our definitions to include promotions, career transitions, and the building of families by choice. If we can shift our mindset away from women’s ring fingers and uteruses and towards their hearts and minds — my goodness, what we might be able to create.

Read more:

It might be time to re-visit that 2013 Pew Survey.

(Oh, and, Sixth & I, call your office!)

Come Study Torah With Us!

L'Chaim v'Yayin Torah Study Group

L’Chaim v’Yayin Torah Study Group

That’s right!  L’Chaim v’Yayin is issuing a 5776 Parsha Challenge!

Do you always start the New Year with the intention to study Torah every week?  Do you typically lose interest by the time you get to Numbers?  (Yup, we’ve been there, but we made it through.)

Well, we at L’Chaim v’Yayin are here to help:

We’re challenging our members to form Parsha study groups.  These groups can be according to neighborhood, knowledge, ease of schedule, in-person or online or via conference call — you name it, you can do it (literally).  Keep each other motivated, learn a little Torah, and enjoy a nosh.  What’s not to love?

Just like last year, we are forming a group on the Hill that will begin meeting this Sunday, October 4th at 10:00am.

Email if you want to know how to start your own group or join the group on the Hill.

parsha challenge

We Did It!!

parsha challenge

The Capitol Hill neighborhood L’Chaim v’Yayin Torah Study Group accepted last year’s Parsha Challenge and on Sunday, September 27th, 2015/14 Tishrei, 5776 we will have completed reading the entire Torah! (The rest is commentary)

Can we get an “AMEN”!?

Please feel free to join us in this simcha and also to raise the Sukkah at Virginia’s house Sunday morning starting at 10:00 am.  Email for directions and details.

ALSO, speaking of Sukkot, Hill Havurah will be holding its first annual Sukkah Walk this Sunday as well.  If you’re in the neighborhood around 4:00pm-ish you should totally join us.  Register here

Shabbat Shalom!!


Yom Kippur, the Pontiff Edition.


Many of you have asked about the impact of the Pope’s visit on services being held on Yom Kippur.

Here’s the scoop on free/non-ticketed services in DC:

Fabrangen is holding services, but suggests that you leave plenty of time to arrive at services and pay attention to road closures and news alerts.

Hill Havurah is holding services at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation
212 East Capitol St., NE. so expect parking restrictions.

Here’s a handy guide for getting around town during the Papal visit.

Please let us know if you have any info.

Shabbat Shalom!

Game Day! Saturday Morning Service and Saturday Evening Selichot


As we prepare for the High Holidays and reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and on where we’d like to go on our trek through this world, this Saturday brings us the opportunity to jump in with both feet!

Saturday morning, Shabbat services are happening in usual form at Temple Micah, Adas Israel, and this week Hill Havurah will be holding it’s monthly Saturday shabbat service!

And while I fully understand that for some of us, Saturday is also “Game Day” [Go Irish!], conveniently, you can still squeeze in a Selichot service.  The service at Adas starts at 9:30pm and the service at Micah begins at 10:30pm.

Let’s us know which service(s) you plan to attend [or what team you’re rooting for!]